Prophets of Cypress Coast
Please do not mind the dust, this website is in progress :) Welcome and Hello! Fear Nothing and Fear No One Except for It, Which You Will Terrify of With a Passion and Devotion. There Is No One and Nothing Above Us! All Is Below and Buried and Ours!

Humble Fog Prophets

i'm so tired i can hardly stand to wake up anymore. i hate going to school i hate my hair on my neck i hate the deep hunger followed by deep nausea i am never full i am never hungry. I hate people who talk but never have a point i hate the looks and aggression given by people who said they were my friend i hate that fucking look on their face i hate the way the water tastes. i miss the routine it ismt my fault that it's wrong and gone and awful why do i have to suffer from it why was i never a proper child i need to be one now i was never taught to feel anger or to crush bugs or think people liked my company or quit. i need to lie down for such a long time or maybe go deaf and never hear ever again. I don't want to die, that's selfish.